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Miskolc-Tapolca is located in the north-eastern part of the country, east from the Bükk hills, in the valley of the river Hejő. Many tourists arrive here to enjoy its special cave bath system, which is truly unique in Europe, since it’s the only natural cave bath on the continent. It has water temperatures from 20-36 Celsius (thermal water), and has warm air inside even during the winter time. The bath also has pools outside the cave. http://www.barlangfurdo.hu (cache)

More information on Miskolc-Tapolca: http://www.miskolctapolca.hu (cache)

What we offer:

Rooms: The Amigo Holiday house is 10 minutes walk away from the park, the famous cave bath and the lake. If you feel like eating out, a number of fine dining restaurants are just down the road. Enter the world of comfort, excellent service and superb surroundings. The Mediterranean-styled house and all the warm colors intend to make your stay a real pleasant one.

The house features 5 gorgeous rooms in a warm, "homelike" atmosphere. The whole house has been recently restored and elegantly furnished. We offer three rooms on the ground floor and two on the first floor, some of them include a sofa bed, too. The beds are so cozy you may never want to leave. Our tastefully decorated rooms have en-suite bathroom, TV and built-in fridge. Two upper rooms also offer a nice balcony where you can relax and enjoy your breakfast. Each floor has a fully equipped kitchen. We take care of the cleaning every second day, but upon your request we can do it even every day, towels are changed every third day. Parking place is available within the property grounds.

Three-star accomodation ***

7500 HUF/person/night (~25 EUR)

Price includes all taxes.

Photos about the house: ==Photo gallery==

Miskolc Tapolca
Aradi Str. 10.

Check-in time: 12:00 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Check-out time: 10:00 a.m

Things to do

Discovering the city:

Miskolc – Lillafüred
Take a guided tour in the three natural caves, the Anna Cave, with plant fossils preserved in limestone; the István Cave, a large dripstone cave and the Szeleta Cave where many Paleolithic relics were found.

All the nice parts in this region are easily accessible by the traditional forest railway. As a child we often took the railway and discovered the region, it’s nice to see that this tradition is still alive in Lillafüred. Once you are here, don’t miss the cave chapel either! One of our favorite places is the definitely the lake Hámori, where you can always spend some romantic moments by taking a boat or walking aprox.1 kilometer around the lake.

Diósgyőr medieval castle
The castle is situated at the foot of the Bükk mountains in a beautiful natural environment, it was probably built in the 12th century, but destroyed during the Mongol invasion, its golden age was in the 14th centuy . The castle is now an important center of social life and entertainment. Walking there gets you the feeling of being transported back to ancient.
http://www.diosgyorivar.com/ (cache)

Discovering the neighborhood:

The Bükk hills
One of the most beautiful mountains in Hungary is probably the Bükk. The natural caves, canyons and cliffs attract thousands of visitors, perfect in every season. Small places and villages like Ómassa, Bükkszentlélek, Bükkszentkereszt, Répáshuta, Bánkút offer you a unique chance to relax and discover endless ways to fill your days with joy. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air!
http://www.bnpi.hu (cache)

The Cserehát region
In the future we are planning to expand our service line and share with you the experience of the untouched, vibrant countryside surrounded by trees, flowers and the beautiful simplicity of the peaceful Tomor village. Come and bake your own bread in our traditional brick oven, visit our small farm and go for a coach trip. Coming soon!

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